Who we are

Who we are

With its new awards and certifications, whether for companies, employees or training organizations, UL6S is dedicated to becoming the leading actor and partner in the recognition of operational excellence.


The field of operational excellence is in constant evolution. Industries are changing, technologies are evolving and with this comes the need for training and certification to evolve. UL6S has a solid experience, gained since 2003 with the Lean 6 Sigma University, to update a catalog of certifications in Lean and Lean 6 Sigma that have proven their worth. Today, in order to respond to the evolution of companies, particularly with Industry 4.0 and the industry of the future, UL6S innovates by offering a new panel of certifications and awards to value the skills of individuals and companies through a "demanding, independent and valuable" certification.


In more detail, UL6S not only certifies the skills of individuals or organizations in Operational & Organizational Excellence (O.O.E) in the industry and services of the future (Enterprise 4.0) but also labels training courses in Operational & Organizational Excellence.


UL6S is an independent organization that contributes to the promotion of Operational & Organizational Excellence best practices in the French-speaking world through Master Classes, websites, professional social networks, publications, benchmark visits, and the participation and organization of events.


Thanks to its community of experts, it connects with other organizations for certification requests abroad. The legitimacy of UL6S is linked to the profile of its members, practitioners with a passion for O.O.E, who combine hundreds of projects and more than 200 years of cumulative experience.

The members


Alain Fercoq

A graduate of ENSAM (Doctor of Engineering), Alain Fercoq has over thirty years of experience in industry, including twenty-five years in organization and management consulting at Spinpart / Proconseil. He supervises Lean Management deployment and operational performance optimization missions in all types of contexts.

He is also Director of the Specialized Master "Lean / Manager of Industrial Performance Improvement" at ENSAM (Arts & Métiers Campus of Paris).
In addition to his commitment to UL6S, he is a member (active in the board) of professional associations (Society of Arts & Métiers engineers - Professional Groups " Sustainable Development / CSR " & " Supply Chain and Operational Excellence ")


Christian Potié

Doctorate in Management from the École des Mines de Paris, training as a chartered accountant and a Masters in Political Science. These are some assets to master the basics of business performance. A 30-year career as a consultant for national and international companies has enabled him to grasp effective methods and organizations.

Trained in quality in 1990, then in Lean in 1997, his operational practices give him a great deal of field experience that he is particularly fond of sharing during conferences and courses that he gives in Engineering Schools (Mines Paris Tech, UTC...) or within Api'hop, the training organization of Ovale Performance, a company specialized in Lean and Lean 6 Sigma.

Christian Potié is one of the 2 founders of UL6S in 2004, and currently Vice President in charge of the Excellence Awards.
He is the author of four books on business management, including one he co-authored with Jacques Salomé.


Christophe Boy

Christophe Boy, an engineer with a doctorate in automation and industrial organization, has 30 years of operational experience in industries of all sizes, and in operational performance consulting.

He currently manages Schneider Electric consulting, which has been dedicated for 25 years to providing consulting and training to companies in their operational excellence and 4.0 transformation processes.
These transformations are based on Lean management, as the foundation of process performance, and are associated with digital solutions when relevant.


Norbert Audéoud

Norbert Audéoud combines 30 years of experience in industry and consulting. His motivation is to keep the industry in the West, by making teams and organizations grow... and by installing in companies progress approaches that are anchored and produce sustainable results for all stakeholders.

He has led more than 400 projects in operational excellence, strategic deployment, maintenance & asset management in all sectors in France and abroad.


Eric Manouvrier

Graduated in engineering from the Mines de Douai, and after 26 years of experience in Lean, Eric Manouvrier is now Master Expert in Lean Process Design at Valeo.
He regularly travels around the world (China, India, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Turkey, USA, etc.) to teach and practice Lean Workshops in which he uses digital tools such as holograms or virtual reality, as well as data analytics tools.

Certified "Master Black Belt Lean" in December 2015 by the UL6S, which he has since joined, he is committed to this search for performance through the enhancement and satisfaction of the international teams involved, particularly through expertise where everything is based on demonstration by example by achieving results, on the transmission to others and on the quality of knowledge at the highest level by confronting the outside.
His passion for Lean and Martial Arts now leads him to write popularization novels, the first of which was the favorite of the editorial staff of Karate Bushido magazine in August 2016.

His daily life being to speak English, Eric intervenes particularly in international events and seminars where diversity is ultimately a human wealth.

Eric recently spoke at the Collège de France to present a big data, data analytics and machine learning challenge to ENS students.

Link to his presentation


Jean Maréchal

Six Sigma Master Black Belt since 1999, Jean Maréchal was one of the first in France to develop the method in an operational way in the Services.

For 37 years, he held operational responsibilities in sales, marketing and quality in various American high-tech companies before specializing in the re-engineering of service, finance and sales processes.

He also coordinated the implementation of new organizational models in Europe with the objective of ensuring high levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and economic performance.

For the past ten years, he has been coaching large companies in the deployment of Lean 6 Sigma and in their management of performance improvement actions. He was President of the Six Sigma University of a large French company and member of the AFNOR commission for Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma (NF X 06-091).

Beyond a methodological contribution, he seeks to ensure the involvement of all actors in the search for operational performance and efficiency of actions to be implemented.


Malik Djeffal

Operational Performance, TechnipFMC - Flexi France
Doctor of Science, 3rd cycle in Physics & ICG graduate in Management & Strategic Business Management
He spent 20 years with TECUMSEH-EUROPE, including 12 years as head of the Quality, Safety and Environment department. He implemented, in cooperation with the University of Savoie, the Statistical Process Control approach which allowed the reduction of 50% of the Non Quality Cost. In 2008, he took charge of the site's Lean Manufacturing unit, composed of two internal "consultants", and led more than 40 Breakthroughs Kaizen.

He joined the company Flexi France Groupe Technip, world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, in 2012.
Flexi France (~1,000 employees) is specialized in the manufacture of flexible pipes for oil fields. In particular, it implements the company's Process approach which has helped federate all players around the strategic objectives.
Since 2017, the General Management entrusted him with the deployment of the Business Excellence program to transform the company. He pilots an ambitious, clear and shared strategic project to anchor a culture of productivity, competitiveness and progress in the company.

In 2019, he is in charge of the Operational Performance department. His concern is the success of the company's strategic projects by accompanying and coaching all levels of the company using Lean methods and tools.


Julien Charles

My father was the manager of an industrial SME and I financed my studies by working as an operator during the summer. After an engineering degree, a Specialized Master in Lean Management and the writing of a thesis on Breakthrough Kaizen methods, I joined the Schneider Electric group, where I first implemented Lean projects on industrial sites, then joined the consulting branch. I have carried out dozens of Lean missions in large groups, SMEs and mid caps in France and in Europe.

To train my clients in the main principles of lean, I used a board game that I carried in a large suitcase. I quickly realized that it would be much more practical for my clients and me if this board game also existed in a digital version. From there, 7-Shapes was born as well as our 100% online training solution, 7-Shapes School, based on a business simulation.

Only 10% of French SMEs and mid caps have a continuous improvement approach, and all the large groups that do are struggling to stay on top of their performance. My challenge is to help these companies to become or remain efficient, whether on industrial, organizational or environmental aspects.


Marc Jacquelin

A graduate of INSA-Lyon (Industrial Engineering), Marc Jacquelin has twenty-three years of experience in industry, including twelve years in Operational Excellence consulting at Schneider Electric Consulting. He assists industrial companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity in optimizing operational performance through diagnostics and deployment of Lean Management and Digital Transformation. He also coordinates the training offer for Schneider Electric Consulting and leads Lean Management training, from awareness to Black Belt level.


Bernard Murry

Engineer ENISE + DESS IAE Grenoble, Master Black Belt Lean 6 sigma, Bernard MURRY has made his entire career in the field of quality and performance improvement. After five years in industry, he was Quality Director of the Photo Me Group (Photomaton, Kis, etc.). He then co-created and co-managed a consulting and training company in the field of quality and industrial management for 30 years.
He was one of the first auditors to be certified by AFAQ according to quality standards.
He is the co-author of a book published by AFNOR Gestion on SPC/MSP and has participated in numerous AFNOR standardisation commissions on statistics, SPC, etc. He was a major player in the development of the NFX 06-091 standard "Requirements for the skills of improvement project managers and workshop leaders" in Lean 6 Sigma.
Founder of UL6S in 2004, Bernard Murry has trained more than 600 people and coached more than 500 Lean 6 Sigma projects.

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